Ecuadorian Wedding Practices

Ecuador contains a lot of unique marriage traditions that can be a mix of Catholic and indigenous procedures. Examples include various customs which have been set up for years.

In the past, a great Incan marriage has not been seen as a happy celebration, but rather a type of business contract that provided economical solvency meant for both family members. This point of view is reflected in the jobs men and women perform within an Incan marital life.


Ecuador is one of the most popular destination wedding spots, as it gives a beautiful organic backdrop and one of a kind cultural customs. The country’s religious events are an excellent blend of Catholic and indigenous practices. For example , the bride and groom light candles with every single other during the wedding, and they also receive a decorated rosary from their clergyman.

The processional may be the very first step in the wedding ceremony. It begins while using entrance with the mother for the bride. This lady may be combined with her son and daughter or maybe a close relative, or this girl can choose to walk straight down the aisle on her own.

The few then women in ecuador makes their particular way to the altar, surrounded by family and friends who shower them with flower petals or grain. At this point, the couple recite their promises. They can choose to recite classic vows or personal ones that have which means for them. Additionally, they exchange rings to symbolize their union and commitment to each other.

Exchange of Vows

Like a sign of their commitment to one another, the wedding couple exchange rings while looking into every other’s sight. They then walk down the artery mutually as a sign of their union.

Ecuadorians are steeped in their country’s customs, and weddings will be no exception. The person must ask the woman’s father and mother for agreement to marry her, and the few is blessed by older members of their families.

In contrast to various Western wedding ceremonies, Ecuadorian couples commonly do not have wedding parties with bridesmaids and groomsmen or flower women. They also tend not to hold rehearsal dinners or other pre-wedding events. This enables them to spend less upon costly tuxes and dresses and hang out with their spouse and children. During the reception, it is normal to move the night away to traditional Ecuadorian music just like salsa, bachata and merengue. This music will certainly keep everyone on their foot until the very last conquer.

Arena Exchange

Unlike american cultures, Ecuadorian couples tend not to usually have bridesmaid or groomsmen. Instead, they give all their compadres presents that may incorporate money and house accessories. These presents in many cases are things the couple received from their father and mother as kids, so coming back again them is a crucial symbol of respect and appreciation.

The few then exchanges rings in front of the friends and spouse and children. This is a critical moment, mainly because the rings represent everlasting absolutely adore and commitment.

Finally, it’s common for people to throw rice simply because the bride and groom leave the church. This traditions is meant to wish all of them happiness and success in their fresh your life together.

Throughout all their honeymoon, it’s important too for bride and groom to learn regarding Ecuadorian customs. From exploring pre-Inca ruins in Quito to attending celebrations full of vivid costumes, there are plenty of ways pertaining to lovers to discover the country’s unique practices. This will likely make their trip to Ecuador that much more particular and memorable!


During the reception, the groom and bride give their particular parents special gifts which have been typically objects they had or perhaps used if they were kids. Additionally, they light a third candle and set out the initial two, symbolizing the end of their ex – lives as well as the beginning with their new types together.

Ecuadorian weddings are a delightful opportunity for family members to celebrate all their ethnical heritage and bond together. Whether you’re discovering Quito’s colonial time architecture or appreciating the pre-Inca ruins in Cuenca, you can immerse yourself in Ecuadorian culture in your destination wedding ceremony and vacation!

Ecuadorian marriage traditions certainly are a beautiful blend of Catholic and indigenous influences. They are filled with rich traditions that will be a wonderful addition to any wedding or reception!

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